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Henan Yongle Oil Machinery Group Service

We are a one stop solution for the oil and grain processing industry. Ranging from equipment selection, project designing, engineering, installation, commissioning till the after sale service, we offer services for all. We have appointed some of the highly experienced and well qualified engineers in our team who are knowledgeable in this field. 

We are fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructural facilities, a highly experienced team of engineers and technicians which is the major reason behind our success growth in the industry. For us, quality is not a point to achieve, instead, it is a regular up gradation of technology and thus we always look for advanced technique to be in the forefront of the industry. For this, we have devised a research and development department through which we make intensive sturdy on the factors to meet the clients requirements effectively.
For maintaining highest standard of quality in our production line, our quality department makes sure to inspect the entire production process, starting from procurement of raw materials, designing, manufacturing till final finishing.

Project Design & Engineering

We establish a reliable and long lasting relationship with our every client. Our team discusses with clients in close proximity for better understanding their requirements and industrial conditions so that we can design the plant according to their requirements. A thorough study of client's land and building is also done prior to designing of plant.
For each of the project, a dedicated and highly experienced engineer is appointed to make complete engineering drawings for the whole plant process. For the project design and engineering, we have appointed well qualified engineer who have vast experience in project execution. They make sure to accomplish the entire project on time within budget constraint. 

Project Installation & Commissioning & Trial Run

For installation design service, we have appointed an independent team who is completely dedicated for this job. We have an excellent experience of installing several projects. Our team comprises of several highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers whose duty is to check if all the major pieces of equipment are erected onto their prepared foundations and that associated machinery is installed correctly.
Post installation of projects, we also take care of commissioning duties with our expertise. We have appointed in our commissioning team, well experienced personnel who carry out dry runs and product trials with all utilities and consumption as committed in the agreement.
We have a reputed track history of erecting and commissioning several plants all over the world and will carefully bring the plant to full performance before handover.

For over 50 years, the Group has pioneered solutions to the most demanding challenges through new and innovative technologies.Our growth and reputation for precision manufacturing is based upon an uncompromising dedication to quality control, coupled with modern equipment, top grade materials, performance-tested products and the work of our highly skilled technicians.

We are committed to helping you avoid downtime and increase profits. By understanding our customers and concentrating on precision manufacturing and superior service, we ensure we will meet your needs today and tomorrow.