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How To Extract Edible Cottonseed Oil From Cottonseed?

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To remove gossypol from oil, it is necessary to use cottonseed refining equipment for alkali refining.
The purpose of alkali refining is to remove gossypol, free fatty acids, phospholipids and some pigments and impurities in cottonseed oil.
The first lye with good measurement, and then add to the grease, the time is controlled within five minutes to ten minutes, and when the lye is added, it is also stirred, stirring frequency is 60 revolutions a minute.
After adding the lye, do not stop, continue stirring for three minutes, find the oil soap after separation, then raise the temperature to about 75 degrees to stop.
Notice here that during the increase in temperature, the stirring rate drops to 30 revolutions per minute.
Once the temperature is reached, the soap foot begins to separate from the oil, and the foot quickly sinks, thus removing gossypol.
The water, impurity, acid value and peroxide value in refined cottonseed oil all meet the national standard, and it is not easy to rancidity and deterioration.
Cooking does not produce a lot of oil smoke, to ensure the nutritional health of the oil.
The refining process of cottonseed oil is divided into six steps, which are degumming, deacidification, deodorization, water, decolorization and dewaxing.
After these six processes, cottonseed oil can reach the requirements of first grade cottonseed oil.
Refining can ensure the safety of edible oil, improve the quality of oil and increase the storage time of oil.
Refined cooking oil can only be sold on the market if it passes the test, otherwise it must be refined again.