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Screw Oil Press And Hydraulic Oil Press Characteristics Difference

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The common new oil presses in the oil equipment market are hydraulic oil presses and screw oil presses.

So how to invest in oil mill oil press?
The following Henan Yongle Group Oil Machinery Co.,ltd for you to introduce in detail: hydraulic oil press and screw oil press five differences.

Difference one: oil extraction method
Hydraulic oil press is a kind of oil press equipment which takes liquid as pressure transmission medium and extrudes oil according to the principle of liquid pressure transmission.
It is a closed-loop system composed of hydraulic system and oil press body, mainly composed of hydraulic pump station, control valve, motor, electric cabinet, cylinder, cylinder, frame and other parts.
The screw oil press is a press equipment that forces feed through the screw shaft and produces high temperature and high pressure under the rotary extrusion with the press ring, so that the oil is crushed and extruded out of oil and cake.
It is mainly composed of frame, control cabinet, spiral shaft, press ring, slag outlet and so on.
Difference two: refined oil quality
Hydraulic oil pressing method is a pure physical oil pressing method, which does not produce temperature and does not destroy the organic composition of the oil in the oil pressing process.
The extracted oil is of good quality and has few impurities.
It is especially suitable for some oils with high oil content (such as sesame, almonds, pine nuts, peanuts, walnut nuts and some animal oils) and materials that must be processed by cold pressing (such as chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical raw materials).
In the oil pressing process, due to the friction of the ring, high temperature will be generated, which will destroy the organic composition of the oil.
In the process of rotating friction, some oil with high oil content will produce sludge that will be extruded from the press ring, and the content of impurities in the oil will be more.
Due to the high temperature of the oil, the nutrients of the oil will be destroyed. After pressing, it needs to be cooled.
Difference three: the recycling rate of cake residue
The hydraulic oil press does not destroy the organic components of the oil during the pressing process.
Cake residue has high secondary value and wide application. For example, some food processing companies make walnut powder, apricot milk, peanuts, and some oil can be reduced or reprocessed into other foods.
This has certain requirements for oil yield.
The hydraulic oil press can control the amount of oil by adjusting different pressures, which must be more suitable for these enterprises;
This is not possible on the screw press.
The screw oil press will produce high temperature due to mechanical friction during the oil pressing process, and the water in the oil will be lost during the oil pressing process, which will also cause certain losses for the direct sale of cake residue.

(The water content of the cake residue of the hydraulic oil press is about 10%, and the water content of the cake residue of the spiral oil press is only 23%)
Difference four: matching power
The supporting power of small and medium-sized hydraulic oil press is generally 1.5kw, and the power of a small screw oil press is also above 5kW!
Difference five: the price of wearing parts and failure rate
The hydraulic press is operated by the oil pump and some control valves.
The failure is mainly manifested in the sealing of pipes and plungers.
During maintenance, it can be solved by replacing some gaskets and so on.
It is easy to maintain and spare parts are cheap.
The screw oil press works by mechanical rotation and produces a lot of friction in the process of oil pressing.
The wear between the lead screw shaft and the pressure ring is faster.
If the workload is large, it is generally replaced once every six months, the folding installation is more troublesome, and the price of accessories is relatively high.

Difference six: oil yield
The oil yield of spiral oil press is higher than that of hydraulic oil press. This is also the main feature of the screw oil press to occupy the market.
Hydraulic oil press is suitable for oil crops with high oil content.
Another feature of the screw oil press and the hydraulic oil press is that the screw oil press can work continuously, while the hydraulic oil press works intermittently.
Hydraulic oil presses usually only produce cold-pressed oil, so the temperature requirements are higher.