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How Does The Oil Press Extract Edible Oil To Avoid Oil Blackening

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With the rise of the oil press industry, many places have opened oil press factories, but in the actual production investors will find a variety of problems that need to be solved.

What is more common is that the oil pressed out of the oil press is black.

The color of oil is a relatively intuitive experience for consumers to buy cooking oil, if the color is not good, the audience rate of oil is naturally not high.

There are many reasons for the black color of pressed oil.

For example, when oil is pressed, the moisture is not controlled to the extent suitable for pressing.

The material is not clean, and the material to be processed contains a lot of impurities.

In the process of pretreatment and stir-frying, the material stir-frying time is too long or the temperature is too high.

Or the pressing temperature is too high, resulting in black cooking oil.

If investors want to fundamentally solve the problem of black color of pressed oil, they need to investigate one by one according to the factors that lead to black oil, find the problem to solve the problem, and standardize the operation when pressing oil to produce healthy oil.

Before pressing, the impurities in the material need to be separated out, followed by mastering the temperature of the stir-fry and the duration of the stir-fry, and grasp the moisture of the material.

Another important point is that when pressing, choose a reliable and good pressing equipment, good equipment technology is mature, with automatic temperature control and other functions, which can help oil plant staff more accurately control the required temperature, moisture and other factors in actual production.

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