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How To Clean Peanut Oil Cans Thoroughly: Practical Cleaning Tips And Considerati

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Peanut oil is a common edible oil in our life, in order to ensure the health of edible oil, we need to clean the peanut oil can regularly.

And with the change of seasons, some businesses want to replace the types of cooking oil stored in the oil tank, and the oil tank needs to be cleaned at this time.

However, if you do not pay attention to details, some details that are not paid much attention to when cleaning peanut oil cans are easy to breed bacteria and affect health.

This article will introduce in detail how to thoroughly clean peanut oil cans from four aspects such as cleaning skills and precautions

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First, the choice of cleaning tools and cleaners

The first step in cleaning a peanut oil can is to choose a cleaning tool and cleaner.

It is recommended to use a professional cleaning sponge, brush, or towel, which will do a good job of cleaning the inside and outside of the jar.

Moreover, to choose a cleaner with strong cleaning power, it is recommended to use neutral cleaners, such as sodium hydroxide and ethanol solution, which can effectively remove residue from peanut oil cans.

Second, the preparation before cleaning

Before cleaning, it is necessary to remove all the peanut oil inside the jar and rinse it repeatedly with hot water several times to remove impurities and residues in the oil. This can provide a better basis for the following cleaning.

Third, internal and external cleaning

When cleaning peanut oil cans, both the inside and the outside need to be cleaned.

For the interior: It is recommended to use a professional brush, towel or sponge with cleaning agent.

When cleaning, it should be noted that every corner should be cleaned in place, including the mouth, bottom and edge of the tank.

For the exterior: the same tool can also be used for cleaning, to thoroughly remove grease and stains.

Fourth, disinfection and sterilization

Peanut oil can not only have greasy residue after long time use, but also breed a lot of bacteria and other harmful substances.

Therefore, it is necessary to disinfect and sterilize after cleaning to ensure the health and safety of the oil tank.

Among them, you can use professional disinfectants, or you can use food grade disinfection materials such as vinegar or alcohol for disinfection.

5. Precautions

There are many things to pay attention to when cleaning peanut oil cans.

First, clean the peanut oil can without scraping with a knife or hard object to avoid scratching the surface.

Secondly, in order to ensure the cleaning effect, it is recommended to use professional cleaning tools and cleaners. During the cleaning process, it is necessary to avoid contact with inappropriate items,

Such as foreign objects on towels or sponges, or bristles on brushes or sponges, these items may cause contamination and bacterial growth.

Finally, after cleaning, it needs to be dried, which can be dried in a ventilated place or wiped clean with a clean towel.


In daily life, it is very important to clean peanut oil cans, pay attention to the choice of tools and cleaners, as well as the preparation before cleaning.

The inside and outside of the jar need to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized.

In addition, some matters need to be paid attention to during the cleaning process, such as avoiding scratching the surface and avoiding contact with foreign bodies.

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